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You have come a long way baby! Feels like only yesterday I was being goofed on for using a stylus on my windows CE phone (which did not make the list…). 


Source: via Mika on Pinterest

How Google glasses work

We were all amazed last May when the first glance of Google Glasses appeared on the web as a youtube video ( What many thought was just a idea is still in development and could be coming our way in the near future. Google has been sharing these with people around the world to test them out and work out some of the kinks. You can see examples of them being used at

To get a better understanding of how these work the following inforgraphic has been created by Brille-kaufen. It gives a better understanding of how this works.  

Source: via Mika on Pinterest

As an educator I am stoked to see video layers of augmented reality work its way into our world. What starts out simple like a pair of glasses can become the windshield of our car, the mirror in our bathroom and of course the future of text & materials in the classroom. Hold on to your seats kids. The future is going to be some fun!


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Pimp my QR Code

Tired of that boring black and white QR Code? Add some bling to that visual hyperlink at  You have multiple styles, colors and encoding levels. Way cool!

Now I need to check with my wife to make sure my QR Code matches my tie.

I found this via Peter Vogel on Google+ this morning. 

Just used Class Dojo in my last Polycom Special Event Workshop. Check out this video that can be used as a student or parent into to this fun tool for class behavior management.  

Feb 8

Adding apps to Google Drive just got even easier!

Checkout the new look to Google Drive’s Create button.

Google has just made it even easier to add apps to your Google Drive. Just click the Connect more apps button for a list to appear over your dashboard. This is great. New users often commented on why they had to go to the chrome store for Drive Apps.

Nice! Would it be to much to ask for a Google Sites update?

Feb 7
My Atari system feels left out.

My Atari system feels left out.

Feb 7

Next Generation of Chromebook? The Pixel

A touch-friendly Chromebook rumored to be heading our way. Fingers crossed on this one!

How to Save a Laptop from Liquid Damage


Happy to say that I am not reading this out of necessity ;) 

Bookmark, web clip or save for the next full moon. Hopefully you never need to use this strategy.

I read in the Chromebook community in Google + that one of the users dumped their coffee on their new Chromebook. While they were sharing their misfortune, another user shared this nice article on what to do to save your laptop from liquid damage. Thanks PLN for not only helping someone in need but sharing it with others.

Philanthropy in the age of Facebook